And God said, Behold. I have given

you every herb bearing seed,

which is up on the face of the earth,

and every tree, in which is the fruit

of a tree yielding seed;

to you it shall be for meat.

—Genesis 1:29

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10 — Care for All Creatures

Sometimes it is difficult for us to grasp that part of our role in the stewardship of this planet entails the care, feeding and healing of our creature companions. In this chapter we give you a look at many of the new innovations that are being employed to treat our creature companions with greater compassion, insights and understanding. From special Aloe Vera treatments for dogs and cats to some treatments for horses, cattle and some of our barnyard friends—this chapter covers it all. Of course, there’ll be some dramatic stories as well as profiles of the courageous professionals who helped bring Aloe into world scrutiny as a recognized, viable treatment of choice for every creature under the sun.

The Silent Healer - A Modern Study of Aloe Vera by Bill C. Coats and Robert Joseph Ahola

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