And God said, Behold. I have given

you every herb bearing seed,

which is up on the face of the earth,

and every tree, in which is the fruit

of a tree yielding seed;

to you it shall be for meat.

—Genesis 1:29

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6 — A Matter of Chemistry

The most complete chapter ever written about Aloe Vera’s complex chemistry, this compendium of findings thoroughly covers every component ever found in the plant and what each nutrient is capable of doing. It also advances intelligent hypotheses about how its “divine synergy” actually functions the way it does. It also presents advance studies in Aloe’s toxicology, its utter lack of toxicity and its GRAS qualification as a healthy food. Finally we come to understand “The Orchestra Conductor Theory” of the healing plant and take a look at some key contenders for the magic bullet in the curative cannon of commercial Aloe as we have come to know it.

The Silent Healer - A Modern Study of Aloe Vera by Bill C. Coats and Robert Joseph Ahola

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